Aprons for Little Chefs

One of the gifts we gave Nia for Christmas was a Princess Cookbook, full of kid-friendly recipes complete with pink frosting and lots of sprinkles. I was excited about the book, but even more excited about my idea to sew an apron for her too.

I had a plan in my head, and with Alva's expertise we figured out how to pull it all together. And I was pretty happy with the end result!

Here it is - a multi-patterned child's apron with ribbon straps and ladybug accents:

Ladybug detailI couldn't resist making one for Camille too. The aprons are a little big, but I'd rather the girls have room to grow than for the aprons to be too small. Here the two girls are sporting their new aprons and making cookies together:

Two sweeties

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You are a great seamstress! This apron is something I can see Nia sharing with her little girl when that time comes. It will always be cherished. (Just like the special blanket you made for Nate that Nia stole!)

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