Israel Part 2: The Race

I may not have the solution for peace in Israel, but going for a run may be – quite literally – a step in the right direction.  After several days of touring (and eating and eating and eating),… Read More

Alive and Moving Forward

Running is one of my favorite things. And then again, sometimes it’s awful. Sometimes it’s a chance to explore on a gorgeous day. Sometimes it’s a freezing push through a polar vortex.  At some point on nearly every… Read More

Finish Lines

When I lined up in the starting corral of the Rock N Roll Savannah Half-Marathon, I was afraid. Every race comes with unknowns. You can train well and still not predict all the obstacles you may encounter on… Read More

Running on Air

This weekend, I will go for a run. A real run, in the real outdoors. I am terrified.  It has been 6 weeks since my last run, the run during which I injured my achilles. After a 2-week… Read More

My Achilles Heel. No, Really.

So this fall, it’s not just a figure of speech. My achilles heel has been … well … my achilles heel. Three weeks ago, I had a 12-miler on my schedule. It was my last long run before… Read More

Pity Party at the Back of the Pack

It was supposed to be an easy fun-run for me. A way to break the boredom of my usual routes and mix things up a bit. A way to keep myself fresh. Instead, the day before my 5K… Read More

Hit the Trail

I love running trails. Something about slipping into the woods with a canopy of trees overhead and the sound of earth under my feet – I get pumped. I don’t run fast on trails; in fact I run… Read More

Flying Pig!

I’m really not sure how she does it, but my friend Shay is one of the most persuasive people I know. Shay is the one who got me into this running business to begin with, when 2 years… Read More

Me vs. Mutt

The Tybee Run Fest is one of my favorite races of the year – not just because it’s a rare night-time 5K, not just because it’s at the beach, not just because it has such a good vibe…. Read More

1,000 Miles

Back in July, I wrote a blog post about running with my besties. I really enjoyed running with them, but since my best running friends live in north Georgia, Oregon and Boston, it’s not going to happen very… Read More