FISTBUMP’s Biggest U.S. Fans

Several months ago Camille began a deep dive into the world of K-pop, short for Korean Pop. K-pop and J-pop (Japanese pop) are essentially Asian versions of boy bands and girl bands that are highly curated, managed, promoted,… Read More

Letter to Camille: 119 Months

Happy 119 Months, my love! This post, as a reflection of our days now, is full of “lasts.” This is the last time I’ll write to you in Costa Rica, as we’ll be back in Savannah next month…. Read More

Letter to Camille: 118 Months

Hello SweetPea and Happy 118 months! Today was a normal school day for you – just another Thursday, with six more Thursdays until you’re out of school (but who is counting?). This is a great travesty to you,… Read More

Letter to Camille: 113 Months

Hello sweet girl and Happy 113 Months! Could this be the latest I’ve ever been getting your letter written? Perhaps. But I don’t think you’ll be too hard on me – a whirlwind would not adequately describe these… Read More

Letter to Camille: 112 Months

Happy 112 Months to my sweet girl, who is currently crooning “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” while her Daddy plays guitar. This song has been a favorite of yours lately, and you spent quite a long time this morning… Read More

Letter to Camille: 111 Months

Hello sweet girl, and Happy 111 Months to you! Right now, you are in Costa Rica, hosting a sleepover with your friend from Sweden, watching a movie from Japan.  How international of you – I love it!  This… Read More

Letter to Camille: 110 Months

Hello sweet girl, my temporary tica! I have so much I want to say to you, it’s hard to know where to begin recounting your transition into life here in Costa Rica. Your father and I were holding… Read More

The Visa Dilemma

As we prepare for our trip to Costa Rica, each week seems to bring a new obsession. Something new to keep us up at night, wishing for a crystal ball. This week, it’s the question of visas. We… Read More

Temporary Ticos

In about 8 weeks, Lee, Camille and I are going to pack up some clothes, two computers, one dog, one guitar and a viola, and we’re moving to Costa Rica for a year. Wait. What!? I know. I… Read More

Israel Part 2: The Race

I may not have the solution for peace in Israel, but going for a run may be – quite literally – a step in the right direction.  After several days of touring (and eating and eating and eating),… Read More