Strolling the Stroller

For several weeks I’ve been taking it easy so I wouldn’t push myself into premature labor. But now that I’m full term, I’m looking for ways to encourage things along. So tonight, Lee and I took a walk… Read More

Turn Baby Turn

It’s not easy to type this way, with my butt in the air. But if it makes a difference, it’s worth it. I’ve been conferring with my sometimes friend, sometimes foe Google lately. For the last several weeks,… Read More

When Paperwork Gets Too Personal

This afternoon, I finally began filling out some of the paperwork required for my upcoming maternity leave and short-term disability check. The disability form is the same whether your “condition” is pregnancy or a nail in the head…. Read More

The Things People Say…

Pregnancy makes people do strange things. Not just the pregnant people, but all the people around them, too. There is a large segment of the population that seems to believe pregnant people have no need for personal space,… Read More

The Nurse Put a “C” on My Chart for Crazy

Information can be good and bad. If you hear what you want, it’s good. If you don’t, well, it can be detrimental. I think every new mom is anxious about the health of her baby, but I believe… Read More

Expecting and Hoping

When the sonographer touched my belly, I held my breath. “Okay, let’s see,” she said. “Wow, your bladder is really full.” “I know.” Of course I knew that! This was not what we needed to find out! Thankfully,… Read More