Go Dawgs – Finish this Game Before I Melt!

Is there anywhere in the WORLD hotter than Sanford Stadium on the 1st of September? I think not. We had the great fortune to go to the Georgia Bulldogs’ home opener this year, and happy to have my… Read More

Dirty-Faced Angels

I’ve always admired my Dad’s way with words. He has a gift, and recently he used it to pen thoughts about Camille and her cousins. Thoughts from a grandparent about his grandchildren, but thoughts treasured by his daughter… Read More

Hike to the Lake

Well hello there blog. It’s been a while. I haven’t been ignoring you. I haven’t run out of things to tell you. On the contrary, it has been a jam-packed few weeks and it’s hard sometimes to know… Read More

Mother’s Day Book

When I picked Camille up from school Friday, she couldn’t wait to show me what she’d been working on last week – a fill-in-the-blank, multiple-choice book all about her mama. I love it, and I thought it would… Read More

Gone Fishin’

Forget that it’s January. Forget that it’s winter. It was 75 degrees and sunny today, so we took out a boat. Lee and Camille wanted to try out their new fishing poles. We had a good time, but… Read More

Here’s to 2011

2011 was great. Really great. And I think it was fitting to cap off the year enjoying this great place where we live and the great friends who share it with us. New Years Eve arrived with brilliant… Read More

Thanksgiving Roundup

This Thanksgiving we had a rare treat – an entire week off from school! We took advantage of the extra time and hit the road. Up first, Fitzgerald where Erin and her family were visiting. Eli changes and… Read More

Wassaw Island

When we first joined the boat club I had grand visions of exploring some of the undeveloped barrier islands around Tybee, spending our afternoons playing in the water or discovering marine life on the uncrowded shore. Last year… Read More

I Still Do

We’d both graduated from college; Lee was living and teaching in Gainesville, Georgia and I was living/working about 30 minutes away in the neighboring county. We’d been dating about six years by then and saw each other almost… Read More

As Wonderful as I Remembered

June 16, 2011When Lee and I decided to return to Tensing Pen in Negril, Jamaica for our 10th anniversary trip, I wondered if the resort would really be as great as I remembered. When we arrived here two… Read More