Candy Corn Cupcakes

I cannot for the life of me remember which of my friends shared this special cupcake secret with me, but if you know who you are, I thank you. And I will now share it with the rest… Read More


If you don’t already have the book Bats at the Beach by Brian Lies, then you need to read Lee’s review on Dadaesthetic and then go buy the book. It’s a favorite in our house – a fun… Read More

Birthday Requests

I don’t know when we started the tradition, but every year on Lee’s birthday he gets to request a special meal. Sometimes it’s an old favorite, but most often it’s something new and different that he’s come across… Read More

From Disgusting to Deeelish

Camille’s teacher sent home a flyer last week requesting goodies for an end-of-month pumpkin party, and one of the wish list items was pumpkin cookies. A quick search of a favorite website uncovered a recipe for mini pumpkin… Read More

Peary Good Dishes

Last week a friend shared a few pears with us from his family’s farm … and by a few, I actually mean millions of pears. Okay, not millions, but a lot of pears. We’ve enjoyed peeling and dicing… Read More

Recipe: Baja Fish Tacos

We just tried a new recipe that’s a keeper because it’s pretty easy, tastes fresh and light, and can be shared with Camille. I say “shared,” because although she was not a fan of all the ingredients in… Read More