Month: September 2003

Missing Him

I was flipping through a magazine today we got from UGA’s Athletic Department. It offered summaries of the past season for various varsity sports. To my delight, the Equestrian Team was the first sport highlighted, with a huge… Read More


Wow. This dog has some serious ears. Long enough to earn Mr. Jeffries a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records. Millie can’t compete, but that’s probably best. I think having ears that long would be a… Read More

Tybee Magic

A wooden deck where you can sit in a plastic chair, feel the ocean breeze, sip a cocktail, and be near your true love – that’s all I require. Tybee provided. Lee and I were out of groceries… Read More

Freudian Photo

Millie and I had our picture made this week for a promotional thing at work. She loves to have her picture made. I think the picture turned out well, except for one thing. We were taking the picture… Read More


Governor Sonny Perdue’s office puts out a lot of press releases, very few of which excite me personally. But this one excites me very much. An Ikea store is opening in Atlanta! This is very good news for… Read More

Rare Moment

In this rare moment, the two mortal enemies bond together for one important cause: to see who can leave more hair on the sofa.

Presidential Visit

No matter what you may think about politics, all the anticipation surrounding a Presidential visit is pretty intense and, I think, cool. When I got to the base yesterday, I could see immediately that things were different. The… Read More

Such a Tease

I walked out of the house yesterday, and suddenly felt that I could breathe again. A wonderful cool breeze played across my skin, and I stopped in my tracks, afraid to disturb it. The weather has been so… Read More

World’s Laziest Hound Dog

When describing Millie to people, I often say, “She has 2 speeds. On or off.” One minute she can act like a Jack Russell on speed, flying through the house at a breakneck pace. The next, she can… Read More