Month: February 2005

Nearly Pork Chopped

It was dark, getting late, and I was listening to a book on tape. It’s important to note that when I listen to a book on tape, I zone out. Completely. I once drove for two hours listening… Read More

My Valentine

I have the best Valentine. I overheard guys at work talking about how bad Valentine’s Day is because it’s just another day for guys to get into trouble. They should all take notes. Lee knows how to make… Read More

Pigeon Wars

What began as a minor skirmish has now turned into a war. Lee vs. the pigeons. The battles are played out nightly outside our home. A while back, Lee noticed that pigeons were roosting in our eaves. They… Read More

A Day of Good Plumbers, Shaky Ladders, and Pigeon Poop

My hands are shaking a little. I’m not sure if it’s because of the force it took to make the staple gun work (I’m weak), or the fear of using the staple gun at great heights. Maybe both…. Read More