Month: February 2006


Lee and I took a business trip to Alabama last week/weekend, and although Mobile doesn’t top my list of vacation hotspots, we had fun anyway. On a side note – before we left, when people would ask us… Read More

The Nurse Put a “C” on My Chart for Crazy

Information can be good and bad. If you hear what you want, it’s good. If you don’t, well, it can be detrimental. I think every new mom is anxious about the health of her baby, but I believe… Read More

The Sweetest Valentine

When I got in my car yesterday morning and saw my Valentine’s gift, I was reminded of one of the reasons I love Lee so much. After four years of marriage and almost 12 years as a couple,… Read More

Quotable Murrow

Lee and I saw “Good Night and Good Luck” in the theater tonight, and I enjoyed the movie on many different levels. As a former journalist, it was very entertaining to watch all the behind-the-scenes action, from the… Read More

Letter to Baby: Week 15

Hello little one. I hope you’re comfy and warm tonight as you begin another week. It’ll probably be a big week for you, because all the websites tell me you’re likely to have a growth spurt. But sometimes… Read More