Month: November 2009

A Dawg Goes Home

It was with great anticipation and no small amount of nostalgia that Lee and I traveled to Athens last weekend for the Dawgs final home game of the season. I hadn’t been to a home game in nearly… Read More

Letter to Camille: Forty Months

Hello my sweet princess, and Happy Forty Month Birthday! Tonight it is very possible that you’re having dinosaur dreams, because they’ve been on your mind a lot lately. I have the PBS show “Dinosaur Train” to thank for… Read More

Our New Bathroom

The bathroom renovation only took a week and a half, but it sure felt like a lot longer! I must say it was worth it though, and we’ve been enjoying our new master bath. Here are a few… Read More


In the weeks leading up to our Chicago trip, nearly every time I told someone where we were headed they’d tell me, “That’s one of my favorite cities!” or, “You’re going to love Chicago!” And now I must… Read More