Month: May 2010

Peeking Lizard

I’m working from home this morning, and was taking a call on my porch because my phone rarely works in the house. Have I mentioned before how unsatisfied I am with AT&T? No? Well, if I weren’t so… Read More

The Hold Steady Almost Killed Me

Ok, so that title is an album reference and no cause for alarm (mom and dad, I’m looking at you), but I was figuratively nearly slain by The Hold Steady last night. Lee introduced me to this band… Read More

Letter to Camille: Forty-Six Months

Konban-wa my sweet love, and Happy Forty-Six Month birthday!! It’s the evening and I’ve just put you to bed, and as is your custom these days, I closed your door to the sound of “Konban-wa!” which is “good… Read More


Elegant. That is how I would describe Kyoto in a word, although it is a city too complex to be summarized in such a singular way. It is teeming with reminders of its ancient history, yet Kyoto is… Read More

Japan From an Artist’s View

We returned a few days ago from our trip to Japan, and it was a thrilling adventure. I’m still going through photos (while munching on Japanese snacks flavored with green tea) and gathering my thoughts so I can… Read More