Month: January 2011

Mother Nature is a Tease

This weekend, Mother Nature gave us the equivalent of a peep show. She shook off her winter coat to give us a brief glimpse of the spring we’re all lusting for. Like many other folks in Savannah, we… Read More

The Boy Needed a Hobby

It’s not that Lee doesn’t have enough stuff to do – in fact, it’s the opposite. He works so hard running our company and being a great dad and husband that it’s hard to find time for anything… Read More

Letter to Camille: Fifty-Four Months

Hello sweet girl, and Happy 54 Months! I just love this picture of you – my darling in pink tulle with goggles. My Princess Nerd. I use nerd as a term of endearment because I’m so very glad… Read More

This Diet Brought To You By…

It seems rather anti-climactic to be on a diet in January – isn’t everyone on a diet right now? It would seem more noteworthy to write about not being on a diet in January. So avant-garde. I was… Read More