Month: July 2013

Letter to Camille: 7 Years Old!

Happy birthday to you, my sweet seven-year-old girl! My girl who referred to herself the other day as “almost a teenager.” Whoa there, you need to slow down! Seven is plenty big enough for now. When I wrote… Read More

Beloved Beach

We made our way down out of the mountains and began the long trek to the sea. In terms of mileage it’s really not that far, but the going is slow. This would be our final time driving… Read More


My parents’ flight is delayed and doesn’t arrive until almost 2 a.m. I leave Lee and Camille in the hotel room and drive through the city – streets normally clogged with traffic are completely  and eerily empty. This… Read More

Poas Volcano

Tuesday morning, we drop Boo and Ann at the airport in San Jose. We’re sad to see them go, but grateful for their good company any buoyed by the prospect of more visitors tonight.  My parents won’t arrive until after… Read More