Thanksgiving Roundup

This Thanksgiving we had a rare treat - an entire week off from school! We took advantage of the extra time and hit the road.

Up first, Fitzgerald where Erin and her family were visiting. Eli changes and grows so much each time we see him, but he still loves to flash that heart-melting smile.

Grinning for Uncle LeeAnd as always, Camille thoroughly enjoyed horsing around with cousin Jones.

Wheelbarrow Full of FunThen we moved the party north to Tennessee, where we got to spend several days, including Thanksgiving itself, with my parents. Camille had her first real experience ice skating and her first camel ride (not at the same time, thankfully). Always an adventure.

On the IceCamel RideNow that Turkey Day is behind us, I'm ready to dive into Christmas. The tree goes up this weekend - let's hope it's less traumatic than last time, when this happened.

Headless FairyAnd this.

De-Flippered BelugaNo trees tipping over this year, mkay?

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