Letter to Camille: 64 Months

Sweet KittyHello sweet girl and Happy 64 months! You are snug in your bed tonight, thrilled with another Georgia Bulldog win, and perhaps dreaming of all the fun that awaits you this week. You have an entire week out of school for Thanksgiving break, and many family visits in store.

For a girl who adores playing dress up, this is certainly your time of year. You love dreaming up Halloween costumes, and already have your costumes planned for the next several years (subject to change).

This year was easy. Over the summer, Boo was organizing her attic and you crawled up there to see what you could see. And what you saw was a furry black cat costume that Boo made for Auntie Erin when she was a little girl. You tried it on – the costume was a bit big, but you were a smitten kitten for sure. Not only did you decide to be a black cat for Halloween – you decided to be a black cat every day that ended in a “y.” After two decades in storage, that costume has gotten much love from you!

But you weren’t just any old black cat for Halloween, you were a snarky black cat named Gigi from the movie Kiki’s Delivery Service. Gigi belongs to Kiki, a friendly teen-age witch. This Halloween, for the first time, you asked your Daddy and me to dress up with you. I was to be Kiki, and your Daddy was to be Tombo, the boy who has a crush on the teen witch.

Here are some photos of Kiki and Gigi, and then Kiki and Tombo for reference:

Kiki and GigiKiki and TomboWe obliged, and I must admit, it was quite fun playing dress up with you.

Kiki's Delivery ServiceOn the big day, as has been our tradition, Boo came along for our trick-or-treating adventures (check out the FABULOUS cat-o-lantern she made for you!).

Boo and GigiBut we were all a bit sad this year not to be heading out with your pals Will and Sam, who moved away in the spring. Thankfully, we were folded into a group of buddies at your friend Lola’s house, and when it was time to go begging for candy, you were happy to be part of this big, enthusiastic bunch.

Trick-or-TreatersOff They Go!One Excited KittySpooky Monster MouthWe trick-or-treated for what felt like a long time, but you persevered with frequent breaks so you and Lola could compare candy stashes and down a box or two of Nerds for energy.

A Quick BreakIf you are what you eat, she's a nerdAnd what would the season be without a trip to a pumpkin patch? This year, we took your friend Rowan along when we went pumpkin hunting.

Trike RacesSteer RopingPumpkin is PickedCamille, you are such a wonderfully affectionate little girl, it’s hard to know what to make of your overtures sometimes. See the way you’re looking at Rowan on the hay ride? Like you’re 13 and he’s your crush? Or is this just the way you look at all your dear friends?

HayrideAnd dare I even mention what happened this month? How I caught you and one of your friends – who happens to be a boy – sneaking a quick kiss at the library while I was checking out books? How I found myself saying the most unusual thing:

“Camille! There is no kissing in the library!”

I was at a loss for what to say. In a flash I worried about everything – overreacting and giving you a complex about affection. Under-reacting and not helping you set proper boundaries. And when is kissing okay anyway? It’s not like driving, where the law says at age 16 you are allowed. When is it appropriate? So all I could think to say was that it was not appropriate at the library. Of this – and only this – was I certain.

My consolation is that I remember being busted for kissing a boy in first grade at school when the teacher left the room. And I did not grow up to be a floozie, which is why I’m not losing sleep over this for now.

Let’s change subjects, shall we?

You experienced a very fun first this month – your first adventure on roller skates! This picture just makes you look waaaaaaaaaay too grown up.

On SkatesYou were awesome on skates (it helps that they have “slow skates” for beginners, but still, you were awesome)! I also enjoyed lacing up under the guise of helping you around the rink. Sometimes you’d stop to take a breather, and I’d take off for another lap, feeling somehow old and young at the same time. This feeling was underscored by the mix of music served up by the DJ. Half current pop, half old-school Michael Jackson. I used to LOVE roller skating, and you seem to love it too. I look forward to skating again with you soon – especially because I know there will come a day when you will NOT want your mom on the rink with you.

Skating BuddiesRolling, rollingRoll with itDressing up for Halloween, roller skating with you – you certainly keep me young. I treasure all of our adventures (and our lazy days too). I know it’s cliche leading up to Thanksgiving, but it’s true – I am so thankful for you. I love you sweet bear.

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