It is almost noon — and this time a year ago, I was having my hair done for the biggest day of my life. Lee and I were married at 4 p.m. on June 23, 2001. It was a wonderful day, but I think the best part is that things keep getting better. Tonight we will celebrate by going to Elizabeth’s on 37th St., a really nice restaurant, and eating the top layer of our wedding cake.

While it is a very happy day for the most part, there is sadness too. Anna and Jason just left for Portland. Yesterday we helped them load their really big Ryder truck. They spent the night here and left this morning. It’s been pouring rain for three days straight — not the most ideal moving conditions. But what can you do? I hate to see them go, but I know she deserves her new job and they both deserve to move up in the world.
Meanwhile, mom and dad get on their cruise ship today in Spain for a tour of Europe. I know they’re having fun — the only way they would’ve had more fun was if they had taken us with them.