Millie Goes Back to Jail

I love our Basset Hound Millie, but she does test that love sometimes. It has been raining here for seven days straight, which means she cannot be left outside during the day when we’re at work and has to be crated because she has been known to destroy the house when left alone.

Lee finally gave her the benefit of the doubt Monday and granted her freedom from the crate in the house while we were gone. You have to understand how much Millie hates the crate. She shakes all over when we are going to put her in there, locks down her legs, and freaks out. She’ll pant and drool and whine and it’s horrible.
Monday she does well. Tuesday and Wednesday are good … until Wednesday night. We leave for an hour and a half, and come back to craziness. The pillows are off the couch and worst of all, she got into a bowl of snacks on top of a table. We thought it was out of reach. She ate twizzlers, peppermints, and flavored sunflower seeds. It should be a fun night.
And tomorrow, it’s back to doggy jail while we’re at work. I hate to do it because she hates it so much, but she leaves us little choice. If it’s not the bowl of snacks, it’ll be electric cords and light bulbs. She’s eaten those before, but I was hoping she had grown out of that kind of behavior. I wish I could make her understand.