E-Bay is Evil

E-Bay is not for the undecisive. And I am decidedly undecisive. Lee and I are saving for a new computer. We both want laptops. He needs a new one for all the web stuff he does. I just want a basic laptop for work, and it can be used. We found what seemed like a good deal on E-Bay yesterday, and went back and forth on it. It’s still a lot of money, even if it is a good deal, and we’re trying to save for his first. But E-Bay is evil. I kept hitting refresh, watching the minutes tick down while Lee and I debated about the computer. 14 minutes. 8 minutes. 4 minutes. 2 minutes. My stomach was in knots. We didn’t bid. It wouldn’t have mattered if we did or not, I would’ve been a wreck either way. Lee later did some web searches and decided it was a really good price for that computer. Oh well. I think I’ll leave the e-baying up to him. My body can’t take it.