Beach Bum

Today has been a really good day.
It didn’t start that way though.
I had been looking forward to sleeping in – no alarm clock. But at 7:30, just 15 minutes later than my normal alarm-clock time, Millie decided it was time to get up. I let her out into the house, in the hopes she would crawl onto the couch and go back to sleep – something she likes to do most days. But just a short time later, Lee and I were awakened to the sound of her barrelling through the house. This is not a good thing, and usually means she is chasing the cat. She is definitely not sleeping.

Lee gets up to take her outside, but as soon as he gets into the living room – he yells, “I need your help.”
Oh goodness.
Millie is wild, and there are two big piles of what appears to be poo on the straw mat in our living room. Joy. Upon closer inspection, I am relieved to discover it is not poo, but potpourri. I know, it sounds like that would be obvious, but this was very poo-looking potpourri she had gotten out of a crystal container.
As I get the broom to clean up the mess, Lee takes Millie outside… and falls off the steps and gashes his hand. Bewildered, I sit on the couch and say nothing, just staring ahead. Wondering how my day started this way, and knowing I will not be going back to bed. I’m up, I’m up.
But then things got considerably better. We went to the library and I got a couple of books. After lunch, Lee left to go rock out with some friends, and I headed for the beach. It was a beautiful afternoon, and I polished off 205 pages of one of my books. The water was the perfect temperature, with the kind of waves that made me wish my mom was here with two floats so we could play. I even went underwater and came up without getting attacked by a jellyfish (they’ve been a real nuisance this year.)
Lee and I just finished dinner, and I think I’ll go read some more. Just the kind of Saturday I’d needed, minus the first thirty minutes of course.