Sea Creatures

Try as we might, I don’t think humans can create anything as beautiful as what nature creates.
Why all the tree-hugging sentiment? Last weekend, Lee and I went to Tennessee to visit my folks. We’d planned to go hiking, but it was pouring, so we went into Gatlinburg instead. Right in the middle of all the shops, is Ripley’s Believe it or Not Aquarium. It was awesome.

There were lots of cool things to see, like the piranha tank and the eels. One of the coolest exhibits was the shark tank. You stand on a moving pedestrian walkway, and the shark tank is all around you. It is on both sides and above you, as you move through a sort of tunnel. The sharks are swimming over your head, etc. Very cool.
Then there was a horseshoe crab tank where you can reach in and touch the animals. The same went for the stingray tank. Also very cool.
But my favorite exhibit was just one little tank you pass on your way toward the end of the tour. It was the sea dragon tank. They were so pretty. There were two different kinds in the tank. One looked just like a plant. If you concentrated, you could see very thin, clear fins on it’s back propelling it slowly, lazily through the water. That was the only clue to differentiate it from the plant life in the tank. It was amazing. The second kind of sea dragon was similar in shape, but had the strangest, most beautiful colors. Purple and green with tiny white dots. It was so dainty looking, and just so strange. I’d never seen anything quite like them, and could’ve watched them float around for a long time. I took some pictures, but I don’t know how they’ll come out. If they’re good, I’ll post some.
From the sea dragons, to the anemones and the tropical fish, it was just amazing how colorful sea life can be. Even jellyfish – which I have stated before frighten the mess out of me – are beautiful creatures. From a distance of course. But if i could have a pet sea dragon, I would.