Pavlov’s Theory

Who needed Pavlov to tell us dogs can be conditioned to certain sounds? Millie demonstrates that nightly.
Do not make a sound that could be misconstrued as a “ding” or a “knock.” This will send her into hysterics. She’ll bark and run straight for the front door and bark some more. It’s not like that many people have been ringing our doorbell or knocking on our front door, but it only took a few times for her to get it.
At first, I thought, ‘hey, she’s smart.’ Then, she’d be looking directly at Lee and he’d knock on the table, and off she’d go to the door. We can no longer watch Wheel of Fortune or any other game show that dings. That’s probably best. Once, cops knocked on our door because our house alarm went off accidentally, and she stirred up such a fuss they though we had a “vicious dog.” She’s only vicious toward sensitive ears. But forget the house alarm, I think she makes a mighty fine burglar deterrent.