On this day, many years ago, the world became a better place.
My Grandmother, Georgia Claire Johnson was born. There is a lot I don’t know about her childhood. Her story in my mind began when she was still very young, working in a pea patch when she was spotted by my grandfather. The attraction grew into love, and into a half-century of marriage and family.
I loved growing up with them for grandparents. They were loving. They were wonderful examples of goodness and warmth. I didn’t fully realize it until her later years, but my Grandmother was also an amazing example of strength, determination, and peace. I’ve often wondered why it took me so long to realize what a fantastic pair she and my Grandfather were. I always knew they were special – but I guess I had to see more of the rest of the world to know how truly unique they were.
Last December, she passed away. When she died, my world became emptier. But I still feel her warmth and try to use her goodness as a model, and that brings me some of her peace.
Happy Birthday Grandmother. I’m thankful you were and always will be a part of my life.