I Pick Loser Politicians

I felt very good when I cast my ballot. There was a line at my precinct – something I’ve not experienced there before. I don’t know if it was the time of day I voted or what, but it’s usually deserted in there. This time, there was a wait. I was pleased that my fellow Americans were exercising their right to vote. And Georgia’s new machines – very cool.
I didn’t just vote for one party, I voted for the candidates I felt were best. I also seemed to have voted for just about every candidate that lost. Yes, several were Democrats and it is now well-known they had a crappy night. But even the Republicans I voted for – lost too. I only selected the winning candidate a few times – and most of those won because their only opponent was a write-in.
I’m still glad I voted. I wore my sticker. But I think I’m a political bad luck charm.