Special Weekend

I’ve had such a good weekend, and I have the sweetest husband in the world.
Saturday, Kim, Erica and Brian were going shopping in Hilton Head, and invited me to go. I wasn’t sure about going because Erin was coming into town and I wanted to see her. Lee told me I really should go and that Erin was okay with it, so I went.
We shopped until about 8, then headed home. Once we got to my house, Kim said she needed to run in and use the restroom. We all get out, and come inside — and a bunch of my friends are in the dining room – and yell “surprise!” An early birthday party! I was totally surprised – I had no idea.
The evening was great. Everyone pitched in with drinks and food, and lots of folks came. We hung out all night, and had a great time.
As I think back on the past week, I remember things people have said to me, like Nikki describing this great dip she makes – little known to me she was planning to make it for my party. It’s neat knowing a bunch of people were scheming behind my back to do something really nice for me.
And Lee is an angel. He did so much work to set it up, and I know it was hard for him to keep all of it from me. But everyone made me feel very special, and I’m unbelievable lucky I have a husband who would do all this for me. What a great weekend. What a lucky girl.