Seeing Red

House projects always take longer and cost more than you originally imagined. ALWAYS.
Lee and I have been wanting to paint our dining room red for some time. We have family coming into town for Turkey day, so that gave me motivation to get it done. The dining room isn’t that big, and there aren’t a bunch of things to paint around, so it shouldn’t take long, right?
We started the first coat at about 12:30. We knew it would take at least two. I figured we’d have them both done in no time. We finished the first coat at 7:30. How can it possibly take seven hours to paint one coat? I’m still not sure. Finally, exhausted and sore (yes, somehow sore from painting), we wash the brushes and call it a night. We’ll just have to do the second coat another night.
That means our furniture has to stay covered up and shoved into the middle of the floor, and our lives kept in a state of disarray. And what scares me, is it almost looks like the wall will need about 5 coats of paint. I’ve never painted red before, and it’s very interesting.
I think it’ll be pretty in the end, and I’ll be glad we did it, but right now it feels like the project that will never end. I vowed several times today we wouldn’t do any more projects for at least a year. But I know what will happen. It’s project amnesia. It’s like two weeks after a project, you forget how tiresome the project was, and you begin to think home improvements are easy again. Let this entry be a reminder to me – NO MORE PROJECTS. Unless, of course, we decide to paint the living room. It’s really not that big, and there aren’t very many things to paint around…