Return of the Clam

I got my laptop back today, and I’m so excited.
I had been having battery problems. It came to a head last week when I was in the car headed back to work from a story in Brunswick, frantically typing my script so my stuff would make it into the newscasts. The battery died unexpectedly after 25 minutes of use. I lost everything. Unfortunate.
So I took it to the computer doctor, and it was really hard handing it over. I was without it for a week.
Finally, yesterday the computer people called and said I had a bad battery. I could buy a new one (with warranty this time) and pick it up.
I couldn’t get it until today, but last night I had a funny dream. I dreamed I was walking to my house with my laptop, affectionately known as Clammy, cradled in my arms, when I was approached by two men.
They wanted Clammy.
I started fighting back. I gripped Clammy to my chest and starting kicking and punching with my one free hand. At one point, one of them clocked me in the face but I didn’t care. I kept kicking and swinging. I even tried reasoning with them. I explained all my Quicken financial documents are on this computer and I couldn’t possibly be without it. They didn’t care. Heartless.
I managed to fend them off, and Lee and I locked ourselves in the house. I knew they were waiting outside though. We couldn’t leave the house with Clammy because they would attack again. We couldn’t leave Clammy in the house though, because they would break in.
Then I woke up.
So far, Clammy made it through the day without being stolen. I had a school board meeting, and Clammy was a champ and helped me through. A few times, I had to leave it on my seat and step away for a second, and I was very nervous. But all was well.
Don’t even think about taking my Clammy. I’ll fight.