Dracula Jr.

I know I shouldn’t gossip, especially about church, but I felt the need to share.
Lee and I were in church Sunday, and the children’s choir was performing. There are tons of cute kids as you might expect, but there is this one kid we’ve seen before who is intriguing. Rather, it’s his hair that is so interesting.
It has more product in it than I think I’ve ever owned. He’s a young kid, not out of elementary school yet, and otherwise a normal looking kid. But he’s got slicked back hair that reminds me of Dracula or something. I mean, it’s slicked like he’s trying out for a part in Grease. It looks constantly wet.
After the choir sang, he sat down with his dad. At that precise moment, things became clearer. His dad had even more product in his hair. The poor child. He is either trying to be like his dad, or has no say and just lets his dad go wild. Dracula and Drac Jr.