Sea Legs

Lee and I just got back home a few hours ago from our cruise. It was a great trip. I was pleased to find out I apparently don’t get sea sick easily, but I’m feeling kind of land-sick. I swear, our house is moving. I really still feel the ship rocking. It’s kind of weird.
The palm tree picture was my view yesterday as Lee and I shared a hammock on Coco-Cay, Royal Carribean’s private island. It was wonderful.
But let me back up. After a rainy day in Nassau, even the pool deck party was canceled on the ship that night due to more bad weather. But it ended up being my favorite night on board, and not just because our room attendant folded our towels into the shape of a really cool bunny. The whole group met together in one of the lounges where a D.J. was playing music. It didn’t matter if the music was good or bad, we were in the mood to have a good time, and ended up all dancing together. It was one of those moments when you know you all probably look stupid, but you don’t care because you’re having fun and you don’t know any of the other people on the ship anyway. Lee has been threatening to put video of me doing line dances on the website, but I’m hoping not. We did get a lot of great video though, and I’m looking forward to making a mini-movie of our trip.
Saturday, I awoke to the captain over the loudspeaker telling us all that because of high winds, we might not get to go over to Coco-Cay. The ship is too big to actually dock on the island, so what normally happens is the ship drops anchor nearby, and smaller boats come and ferry you to and from the island. But with the high winds, it was too dangerous for the smaller boats to approach the ship.
The captain circled the island for a while, and finally the winds died down. It turned out to be an incredibly beautiful day. The boat service began, and we spent most of the day on the island. It was just how you’d imagine your own private island. Crystal water as far as you can see, and little dots of other islands nearby where waves crash up on rocks sending spray into the air. We snorkeled, but not for long because the water was pretty cold. My favorite part though, was the hammock. There were lots of hammocks all over the island, and we climbed in one right on the beach. This was the tree our hammock was tied to – with a beautiful blue sky behind it. I read a book, then napped, and it was wonderful.
I would say the highlights of the trip were the night we all danced, and the hammocks at Coco-Cay. But my favorite thing overall was spending so much quality time with so many of the people I love. I may have lost all my gambling money without winning so much as one little dime, but I still say I’m a very lucky girl.