It looked less like an office and more like an elementary school classroom at work this morning. Faces were constantly pressed up to the windows providing a view of Victory Drive and the weather. It wasn’t snowing yet, but we were hopeful.
Finally, just before noon, the cry, “it’s snowing!” rang through the office, sending half of us into giggles and the rest out the back door. I was the “out the back door” type, throwing on my heavy coat and hoping to catch some flakes on my tongue.
They were so small at first. A few landed on my dark jacket and I ran inside to show off the flakes. Everyone was impressed, I’m sure.
Throughout the early afternoon, the flurries would stop and start, and with every stop I was sure it was over. But all of the sudden, the flurries turned into huge snowflakes and they fell hard, swirling around the streets, floating around the live oak trees and making Savannah look like a completely different town.
Everywhere you went, people seemed excited. There was a man walking alone down the side of a street who stopped long enough to look up at the falling snow and grin like a schoolkid. Neighboring counties cancelled school, proving again that people in the south go nuts if a snowflake falls.
The snow was beautiful, and warmed my heart all day. It was kind of funny, because you’d think I wouldn’t get so worked up about a snow that wouldn’t stick. With the ground not yet frozen, it technically wasn’t much different than a rain. It wasn’t like I could have a snowball fight or sled (not that flat-as-a-pancake Savannah has a single hill to sled on), but it looked beautiful spiraling into the golden marshes, and I was thrilled to watch the white stuff fall.