I’m very sad. Clammy the ibook laptop was posted for sale on ebay tonight. I feel as though I’ve signed the papers to have a beloved family pet put down.
I was so excited to welcome Clammy into the family. But Clammy had battery problems, and now it’s time to move on.
But – if you get a puppy, and the puppy gets fleas, you don’t just put an ad in the paper advertising “puppy to a good home.” And for that matter, what if Clammy doesn’t go to a good home?
All night I’ve moped around the house as Lee prepared the computer for sale, stripping it of anything personal. I have ranged from depression, to laughter when he reminds me, “it’s just a computer. A piece of equipment.” And I realize how silly I am to be attached.
But I did get attached. Clammy helped me through many a school board meeting, and that’s no small feat.
I’m trying to cheer myself with the knowledge that soon, I’ll get a new computer. One without battery issues. But that’s like someone saying, “just get a new puppy.”
Except Clammy isn’t a puppy. It’s a computer.