Good-bye Clammy

It’s official. Clammy the ibook laptop was sold on Ebay last night. The buyer has paid, now all that’s left to do is ship the computer on Monday. I can’t believe it sold for $30 more than we orginally paid for it. Computers aren’t suppose to go up in value! We did add software, ram, and a cute carrying case – but I’m still pleased with the selling price.
I’m still a little sad, but mostly I’m excited about getting a new computer – one with firewire ports so I can edit video without having to take Lee’s computer from him. My new one will be smaller than Clammy, which is actually good because I take my laptop everywhere with me. And most exciting of all – a one year warranty. We aren’t going to buy it just yet, we have to finish saving up the dough, but hopefully the void I feel now will be filled with the joy of a new ibook very soon.