Tengo un problema. Estoy adicto a Shakira.
I now have my second Shakira C.D. The very special thing about my new C.D. is the accompanying lyrics sheet.
I love to sing along to songs. I love speaking Spanish. Combining the two is far too exciting, especially when you’re singing with someone as passionate as Shakira. I have really enjoyed reviving some of my Spanish. I even dreamed about speaking Spanish last night.
But my habit has become dangerous. Peligroso. When I listen to Shakira in the car, I want so badly to read the lyrics while I drive so I can sing along. I only do it at red lights, but even that must stop. I don’t want to be “that person,” the one reading the paper or putting on lipstick while swerving across three lanes of traffic.
I must hide the lyric sheet while I drive.
No sera facil. Pero, voy a tratar.