A Homecoming

After months of painful separation – with one person surrounded by death, and another experiencing new life – Nikki, Andrew, and Nia are finally together.
Andrew came home from Iraq Tuesday. I wasn’t the reporter on the story, but as soon as the crew came back to the newsroom, we all watched the raw footage. It was wonderful to see Nikki and Andrew together again, and to watch him pick up his daughter and hold her for the first time. It seemed natural – and it wasn’t long before she was asleep against his chest. I couldn’t imagine what they were all feeling. I just knew I felt incredibly happy, and at peace. They were finally together. The wait was finally over.
I felt even better today. Nikki called me at work, and her voice sounded so different. It wasn’t just that she sounded happy – she often sounded happy when she would tell me about Nia. But this time, she also sounded at peace. It was as if the world were finally right. It feels that way to me, too.