Month: July 2003

Drugged Doggie

I feel a bit like a failed mother, but our options were getting slim. We began medicating Millie today. I love her dearly, but last week I said to Lee, “I don’t care if it’s her or me,… Read More

An End

I just finished my Harry Potter book. It was good, but quite different from the others. The first three had drama, suspense, etc., but were overwhelmingly happy books. The fourth one didn’t end as happily as the previous… Read More

Neighbor Update

Friday, Lee and I finally mustered up the courage to confront our neighbor about the leaves. She was friendly and apologetic, and said she was already planning to clean them up. “We just ran out of bags,” she… Read More

The Experience

I am halfway through a plate of chicken fingers when I hear it – the loud drone of a metal roof being pelted by large raindrops. My brother hears it too. “Don’t say anything. Maybe dad won’t notice,”… Read More


When I got married, I was happy for a lot of reasons. One of which, was that I would have a life-long roommate with whom I not only get along – but love dearly. I had some bad… Read More