An End

I just finished my Harry Potter book. It was good, but quite different from the others. The first three had drama, suspense, etc., but were overwhelmingly happy books. The fourth one didn’t end as happily as the previous ones, and now the fifth one was even darker. It was the kind of book that revealed a lot and moved the plot forward, but wasn’t as fun because the characters went through a lot. But, it was still a very good book that I devoured obssesively.
I always hate coming to the end of a good book. It’s like being really hungry, eating wonderful food, and cleaning your plate only to find you could have eaten a double-portion. I’m still hungry. And that almost 900 page book was a pretty big portion.
It’s probably best that I have a break though. I think the book had begun to take over. I would go to work, come home, cook, eat, spend my evening with my nose in the book, then sleep. I think Lee had begun to feel abandoned, and the laundry and house cleaning and even the job search had come to a halt. Now it is time to re-enter society and impatiently wait another several years for the sequel.