Curb Appeal

It’s project time again.
Every now and then, Lee and I get it in our crazy minds that we want to do something to spruce up our house. It always costs twice as much and takes three times longer than we expected, but we do it anyway.
A few weeks ago, we bought a new slipcover for our dog-drooled-on, cat-scratched-up sofa, and this weekend Alva sewed nifty pillows for it. We also recovered a chair and a junk store find now looks like a Pottery Barn purchase. While fabric costs more than I thought it would, the results were worth it.
Next – the front of the house. Mainly, we just need to clean. Not sweep and such, but scrub with bleach. Some painting may be in order. We want to sod the yard, too. Actually, we want to pay someone else to sod the yard. I know it’s probably not difficult, but we tried to plant something in our front yard before with poor results. Stupid mondo grass.
I used to think older houses had charm. But now, vinyl and astroturf seem the way to go. Okay, not really. I love our house.