Empty Nest

Well, the nest isn’t completely empty. As I stretched out on the sofa like a couch potato all night, I was joined by Millie and Luca. But the house is too quiet.
Just yesterday, I was dining at the Crab Shack with Lee and my dad. It was a beautiful afternoon. The sky was a bright blue with only a few wisps of white clouds. There was a nip in the air that suggested October was a day away. In the sun, I was warm, but sitting by the marsh under the trees with the breeze blowing, I put on a jacket for the first time this fall. The food was good, the company was delicious.
Then last night, the house was filled with the smells of cooking (good smells, nothing burning), the clink of wine glasses, and laughter. The mashed potatos may have only been half-mashed, but no one seemed to have trouble eating them.
This morning, dad had to leave, and Lee went to Kansas City. I thought I might use this night to get some things done. Clean the closet. Something.
Instead, I drank a beer, ate a frozen dinner, watched West Wing, and that’s about it. Time for bed.
I can’t wait until my feathered friend comes back home.

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