It has rained all day, the kind of pounding rain that at times makes you raise your voice to be heard over the drops pelting the rooftop. The sky is dark now, but even at noon it was a steely gray that hid any sign of a sun shining up there. But I find that I’m enjoying the rain.
The dreary outside makes the inside feel warmer and safer. I’ve often felt that water has healing qualities. The kind of soaking rains we’re having today are soothing, and make me believe when the sun does shine, everything will be washed clean.
I thought about this again today when I was getting a hair cut. My favorite part is always getting it washed, the way the water feels in combination with hands massaging my scalp. So relaxing.
Thanks to the time change, it got dark very early today. Combined with the weather, I just want to retreat into my house like an animal denning. Lee and I are going to make popcorn and watch a movie tonight. I’ll probably get out a fleece blanket too. Not because I’m cold, but because the blanket is warm.
Tomorrow can be sunny, but I hope it keeps raining tonight.
UPDATE: Watch what you wish for. Just as our movie ended, the sound of rain pounding the roof changing into the sound of the rain coming through the roof. My safe, warm den has sprung a leak. Again.

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