Month: December 2003

Final Holiday Hours

In 12 hours, I’ll be back to the grind. The holidays are nearly over, and they’ve been really great. I’m sad to see them go. They began Dec. 23rd, when Lee and I opened our presents to each… Read More

Christmas IS Merry!

I settled in for my ride home after work, and tuned my radio to the local station playing 24-7 Christmas carols. I love the old traditional Christmas songs. They make me happy. A song was ending, and the… Read More

Tree Trauma

In my opinion, a real Christmas tree is the only way to go. Fake trees are just — fake. Real trees look better, and I love the way they smell. My family had a fake tree for several… Read More

Party Time

My work Christmas party was last night. There was good food and good company. However, combine alcohol and karaoke, and get frightening results. Neither Lee nor I really particpated in that, thank goodness. I got roped into singing… Read More

New York

I was that tourist – the one walking around with my mouth open and my eyes skyward, marveling at all that is New York City. The trip was great, and the city was amazing. After months of searching… Read More