New York

I was that tourist – the one walking around with my mouth open and my eyes skyward, marveling at all that is New York City. The trip was great, and the city was amazing.
After months of searching the internet for the best hotel deal, we lucked out with a reasonably priced boutique hotel that was right in the middle of everything. A quick walk got us to Times Square in one direciton, and Central Park in the other. I loved the lights and energy of Times Square. I loved the peace and serenity of Central Park. Big thanks are due to the bright soul with the foresight to protect that land, because it must be such prime real estate. But it’s wonderful to be in the middle of the city, then slip into this wonderful wooded park where the car horns are muted but the skyscrapers are still visible.
I loved the subway. Each time we rode it, I enjoyed climbing up the stairs at our latest destination and wondering what the city at the top of the stairs would look like. In a car, you watch the scenery change. In the subway, every trip had a surprise ending.
We got to see some old friends, see a concert, see a play, and eat some great food. I have never walked so much in my life, but that made me feel better about ordering the cheesecake.
Such a great city, and with such wonderful company.

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