Month: February 2004

Weather Envy

Today’s weather in Savannah: cold and rainy. Today’s weather where my brother lives: snowy Today’s weather where my mom and dad live: snowy I’m so jealous. I love snow. I love looking at a yard blanketed in snow… Read More

Growing Up

My body was steering the car along the road en route to the doctor’s appointment. But my mind was screaming, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING? YOU FOOL! TURN THE CAR AROUND! GO HOME!” It was a trip to the… Read More

A Scary Trip

For an hour and a half already, the rain had pelted our windshield furiously. On the little highways between Savannah and Fitzgerald, I watched in amazement out my window as the ditches became creeks of running water and… Read More

The Little Things

The last several weekends, Lee and I have finally tackled some of the small things around the house that have been lingering on our “to do” list – like the aforementioned steps. We’ve planted candytufts in our flower… Read More

Old Gray Mare…

…she ain’t what she used to be. Tonight as I was backing out of the parking lot at work, something in my rear-view mirror caught my eye. Inside my car, where the roof meets the rear window, I… Read More

States (mostly seen from car windows) Following in Lee’s footsteps, I generated a map of all the state’s I’ve visited. My first map looked kind of sad, but then I remembered my family drove to Colorado from Georgia when I was young, and… Read More