States (mostly seen from car windows)
Following in Lee’s footsteps, I generated a map of all the state’s I’ve visited. My first map looked kind of sad, but then I remembered my family drove to Colorado from Georgia when I was young, and we crossed many states along the way. A quick email to mom and dad (“where did we go again?”) had my map looking much better. Granted, one road trip through New England happened when I was a toddler, and the only part I remember was falling out of the baby backpack carrier my dad was wearing during a hike. But hey, technically I was there.
I love flying, but road trips have plenty of benefits. I loved the ride to Colorado (when I was awake), especially the magnificence of watching absolutely flat land rise sharply into majestic mountains. I remember riding between flat fields for hours, then suddenly seeing the mountains ahead. Beautiful.
I’m looking forward to filling in more states on my map.

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