Wonderful Trip

Mom, Lee and I got to meet lots of crazy animals at the Charleston Aquarium this weekend. We had such a good time. It was great having mom to visit.
I love aquariums. Something about the way the fish move through the water- the amazing colors on the animals – their abilities to camoflauge and adapt. I could just sit and watch the sea life for hours.
After the aquarium tour, we checked out Fort Sumter, which was very cool. I learn so much more about history when I can see it up close. I like to imagine what it was like during the Civil War, when the fort became a major battle zone. It makes it more real.
Then we topped our trip off with an Imax film about coral reefs. More fish watching, with some of the most beautiful cinematography I’ve seen.
But best of all was the company. The only thing that would’ve made the weekend better is if our whole family could’ve been together. But we’ll all get together again soon. In the meantime, I have some cool pictures of some awesome fish.

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