Wow, we have a lot of stuff

yard sale.JPG
This is a snapshot of just a portion of the stuff we dragged from our storage shed today to prepare for a yard sale next weekend. We’ve accumulated quite a lot these last few years, and have been inspired to purge by TV shows like Clean Sweep.
Going through all of our things was both interesting and difficult. I have a hard time parting with something that brings good memories. Like the stupid sheets of notebook paper my best friend and I taped together and drew a whole town on when I was in elementary school. There was Lake Ginger, and Ginger Lane, and I drew my own house and houses for all my friends. I know, it sounds psycho, but it was fun. I trashed it, because what in the world do I need to keep it for? Still, it wasn’t easy.
But I’m looking forward to this yard sale. I need less clutter in my life. Some of the stuff in those boxes, I can’t believe I’ve kept so long. And I really did learn something from those TV shows. They always say if you have something to which you are attached emotionally, but you keep it in a dusty, moldy box and never look at it, then you’re not honoring it. It’s better to sell it or give it to someone who will use it, and just keep the memories for yourself. Amen.

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