Goodbye Old House

I’ll admit, it was a little strange. I recently took a quick trip to Fitzgerald to help my parents say goodbye to our old house there. It wasn’t really difficult because I’d only lived there full-time for 2 and a half years, and no one had lived there for the past two. But it was still where I went when I went “home” during college and part of me was nostalgic to be closing that door.
To make things even stranger, the house was bought by someone I went to highschool with. Who has a wife and a child. And is now living in my highschool house. Having parties at my old pool. How odd. How grown up. I suddenly feel a little old. I’ll bet his toddler daughter is living in MY room.
Though it’s strange, I’m happy about it. I had good memories in that house, but it had been sad to see it vacant. The once immaculate yard had lost its shape and the rooms felt empty and hollow. Houses need life inside to be homes.
I’m also excited about my folks’ new house. Brand new, with a big deck and a mountain view. If only it were closer instead of farther away – but we’ll always make time to visit. It’s what families do.

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