A Day of Rest

Today is my last day of rest before life gets a little hairy. With the G8 Summit coming to our area, and everything that may come with it, these next few days could be some of the most interesting of my career.
I did laundry, knowing I’ll have no time for that later, then decided to take a break and hit the beach. It was very windy, and as I lay on a sheet on the beach trying to read a book, I was being pelted by sand. The wind whipped the grains in my direction and before long, I became a sand dune. So instead, I packed up and read my book sitting on one of the beach swings, above most of the swirling sand. That was nice.
Tonight I’ve been trying to read up on the Summit and all the people attending (not just the world leaders, but their entourages) and feeling a little overwhelmed. I’m excited, but I just want to do a good job. I will be a very little fish in a very big pond, and I don’t want to get eaten.

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