Day 2: Dieting Sucks

All I can think about is food.
That’s partly because I spend most of my free time cooking since we have to eat such specific foods that don’t come pre-packaged.
That’s also because I’m dieting. Any time I’ve ever tried to tell myself, “you can’t have that,” that is all I have wanted. This diet begins with a strict phase of no breads or pastas or sugars.
This morning I thought about a buttery biscuit with blackberry jelly and almost cried.
The silly thing is, I never really thought about biscuits before. But suddenly, since I can’t have them, I desperately want them.
The good thing about this diet is that you typically lose weight quickly at the very beginning. If I see some progress, I might stick with it. But if I don’t see something soon, I might eat an entire loaf of bread in one sitting.
Over the past two days, I’ve asked myself if dieting is worth it (it’s sad that I’m having this debate and it’s only day 2). On the one hand, life is too short not to eat what you enjoy. But on the other hand, life is too short not to feel thin and healthy.
We’ll see. We’ll see.