Fruit is NOT bad

I ate a banana today. It was glorious.
But – sigh- according to my diet, it was also an illegal maneuver. I cheated. And I ate grapes, too. And they made me happy.
Day 5 – the day I quit. I feel very guilty for not being able to stay on the diet, but the diet was making me miserable. I was irritable (just ask Lee), moody, and even depressed. I didn’t enjoy cooking or eating, although those were the only two things I could think about. Even food I normally like I didn’t enjoy becuase I felt it was the ONLY thing I could eat. I really don’t have much weight to lose, yet this diet felt so extreme. Like the last resort before gastric bypass surgery. I’m not at that point.
I haven’t quit completely though. I believe the diet has some good points. I still plan to cut a lot of sugar from my diet, and I’m going to try to avoid the bad breads and pastas when possible. But, I will eat fruit. I will eat high-fiber cereal. I will eat a whole-grain bagel, dammit.
I know those who’ve tried the diet would scold me – telling me I only had to give all that up for 2 weeks. But 2 weeks felt more like 2 months, and if I had to eat eggs one more time, I was going to throw up.
I’m going to eat healthier. Maybe I won’t drop pounds as quickly or at all, but at least I’ll be sane.