Eternal Tourist

I love Savannah for so many reasons – and the town’s beauty and charm are at the top of that list. I had to go downtown today, and was actually glad to park a block away from my destination because it gave me an excuse to stroll through one of the many squares. I couldn’t stop and linger, so I enviously eyed the tourists sitting on benches or snapping photos of the monuments. But really, I’ve got it even better. They will eventually leave town. I get to live here. I can come sit in the park whenever I please.
The tourists serve as good reminders that people pay money to spend a few days in the place I call home. Saturday, Lee and I took Millie for a walk around Forsyth Park, and as we neared the fountain I heard a tourist gasp as she first saw it. “It’s so beautiful!” she said. I agree. I think it’s beautiful every time I see it, too.
One day Lee and I may leave Savannah, and for all we know we’ll find another town we love even more. But for now, I’m quite happy to have my home beneath the shade of a mossy oak.
There is one disadvantage to having your home beneath the shade of said mossy oak. Roaches like having their homes there, too. I haven’t seen Ricky in a while, but I was assaulted twice by a roach tonight. Maybe one of his cousins? I was standing in front of the television, having paused on my way to another room, when I felt a tickle on my shoulder. Oh yes, there was a roach crawling down my arm. I screamed, threw whatever was in my hand to the floor, swatted it away, and did the “Holy crap there is a roach on me” dance. Lee came running, sure I had been shot in a drive-by, and didn’t believe there had been a roach on me. “Are you sure it wasn’t just a shadow?” I was sure. This “shadow” had legs. Red ones. Moments later I was still watching TV (interesting story was on the news) when I felt a tickle on my leg. More screaming, swatting, and dancing. Not only did this roach feel the need to crawl on me once – he had come back for more! Lee, brave and noble husband that he is, promptly stomped its brains out. I still feel like it’s crawling all over me. At least I have proof that I wasn’t making it up. But tonight, I’m sleeping with one eye open.