This is Bucket. He’s one of my favorite zoo creatures.
The zoo was one the best parts of our vacation. There were a lot of great animals, neat exhibits, and I had fun snapping away with my camera. (Side note, I asked someone to take a photo of us outside the Lincoln Memorial, and he was startled when my camera made the noise of film advancing – “Oh, this isn’t one of those digital kind?” Yes, my camera is a little old, but I love it, so get over it.)
There is an exhibit at the zoo called “Kids’ Farm,” which features domestic animals like cows and goats. We weren’t going to go see it, but I thought there might be horses, so I dragged Lee down there.
That’s where Lee took one of my favorite zoo pictures, the one above. I can’t really explain why it is so hilarious to me, but it is. There was this little dwarf goat in a stall, and he was standing on top of this green bucket, bleating and bleating. I had an ice cream, and he spied it and bleated some more. It was as if he were saying, “I may be a dwarf goat, but look at me! I’m on a bucket! I’m tall! Give me some ice cream!”
What possessed him to stand on this bucket so long? And he was just so cute, and danced on top of the bucket for quite a while. Later, when Lee showed me the photo, I just laughed and laughed. I don’t remember the goat’s real name, but we’ve named him Bucket. And he’s my desktop background. Oh he’s funny.